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Greenback, TN 37742
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Tanker 71

This tanker was purchased in early 2013. It is a 1987 international with a 4500 gallon tank. We are still in the process of getting it fully in service.

Pumper 72    This is  a 1500 gpm pump with a 750 gallon tank Rescue pumper  with a 10 kw generator on board jaws and air packs

(865) 856-6670


Tanker 72

This tanker is a 1995 International with a 2000 gallon tank and a 450 GPM pump. It is the primary tanker for station 1's area.

Contact Information

Station 1

(865) 856-6670



Brush 71

This truck was just purchased in 2013 and is still being put in service.

Boat 71

Boat 71 was purchased in 2012 due to the rising number of water rescue calls we have started receiving in our jurisdiction.

Pumper 73

TThis 2006 International Engine has a 1000 Gallon tank and a 1250 GPM pump. It is also equiped with extrication equipment for car wrecks. Pumper 73 is GVFD's newest engine.